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When it comes to words, it's all about context. Your own story carefully woven around the narrative choices you have made. There are references you want and others you need to avoid, and usually this process of clarification lengthens your text.

So what about the short phrases, the soundbites, the slogans? The brief sequence which is the title of your art exhibition is probably the single most prominent point living in the memory of those who visit and talk about it all over the world and long into the future.

Whether coming as a translation from another language or a novel combination of terms, we neglect naming, branding and titling at our peril.

Art and Culture Translated offers a bespoke search for the right story carried out by human professional wordsmiths and copywriters aiming to make your exhibition unique and to direct your visitors' attention to where you feel it should be.

How it works

  1. We ask you to provide as much background and detail about your event, the communication work already carried out and any choices made so far. Most of the information is captured on a questionnaire, and we will be in touch should any clarification become necessary.
  2. We work on your case for typically 48 hours.
  3. We provide you with our suggestion(s), along with a report detailing the rationale behind this. We are of course open to discussion at all times.

See some samples of our work here:


Art & Culture Translated is a translation and language services’ company focused on the art and culture sectors. Our team of professional, native translators and linguists has over 10 years of experience in these sectors.

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